Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where to Make Your Valentine's Day Reservations...


The day all women dream about and all men dread, Valentine's Day, is right around the corner.  This means it is time to make some dinner reservations!

By no means do I claim to be any sort of food critique, but living in uptown Charlotte the past few years has given me the opportunity to restaurant hop and choose some of my favorite restaurants in the city.  (This is not to mention that my cooking abilities are sub-par and Zack would rather spend a few dollars than eat one of my boxed frozen meals).

Numero Uno: 

So, my first suggestion for all my meat-lovers is the delicious Capital Grille.  You will not be let down by their filet -- it's AMAZING!  I will, however, warn that it is the priciest restaurant on this list.  (To save a few dollars: split the sides, as they are huge).  You may need a few extra pennies for this place, but it will be worth it at the end of the night.    

Numero Dos:

Suggestion number two is another steakhouse, but boy is it good too!  With your entree, I would get the house potatoes; they are cheezy, creamy, and jalapenos are added for a little spice.  You can eat here for slightly cheaper than the Capital Grille.      

Numero Tres:

If you need something a little more affordable (say $100 bucks for the two of you), Red Rocks is fantastic.  They've got both a South Park and Birkdale location.  My parents love this place for date night.  You MUST order the crab cakes.  Also, splurge on the dessert.  They are freshly baked and you get huge portions.   

For Dessert:

After dinner you should hit up Crave Dessert Bar for a piece of heaven.  They've got page after page of desserts.  You won't be let down! 

For Drinks:

If you're not the dessert type or you would just prefer a strong cocktail after dinner, you should stop in at the Ritz Carlton.  The bar is a sweet spot for a few drinks to end a great evening.  It can be a very romantic setting (Zack even got the courage to pop the question at this hotel).  You don't have to spend the night, but, if you do, that is okay too!  On Saturday nights, you can usually find live music.

Zack is of the opinion that the "creator" of Valentine's Day should be shot for putting it so close to Christmas, but he still manages to pull out all the stops each year!  Babe, can't wait for this year!

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