Sunday, January 22, 2012

Megan and Seth's Shower

I will be welcoming my first niece this spring.  My sister, Megan, and brother-in-law, Seth, are having a baby girl, Laney Elizabeth Sholar.  For those of you who are behind, my sister and I (once I tie the knot to Zack) will be married to brothers.  My sweetie is Seth's brother.  Confused yet?  Yes, that makes my future children and Baby Laney double first cousins (for all my family law nerds).  On Saturday, Seth's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin graciously hosted a baby shower for the soon-to-be parents.  It was wet and rainy outside, but they had an abundance of family and friends come to celebrate.  The couple received some great gifts to get them started on the adventure of being parents (something I know absolutely nothing about, as I cannot take care of a pet).  Laney's estimated date of arrival is March 14th.  We are pooling funds to get a big, flashing sign to put on the top of my Mom's car so that everyone gets out of the way when she hears the baby is coming and she makes her drive from Charlotte to Wilmington. 

 Baby Laney has already stolen Aunt Rachel and Uncle Zack's hearts.  Now, if she can just be like me....

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