Saturday, January 7, 2012

My latest obsession...


Between schooling, facebooking, pinning, and blogging, Zack thinks he's neglected.  (He forgets that he purchased all my tech gadgets).

Anyways, these are my favorite wedding-themed pins:

From the oh so fab, Jimmy Choo.  Modern, sleek, and perfect for my wedding day attire.  If only my pocketbook thought the same...


This dress is courtesy of Thread Social.  If it wasn't currently sold out, this would be my ideal rehearsal dinner dress.  Ladies, Thread Social has some great little numbers for spring!


This is a picture from the wedding of the beautiful, Molly Sims.  If I could replicate this look for my bridesmaids, I would in a skinny minute.  If anyone can help me put a look together like this, I will pay.  Who needs 6 girls to look the exact same?  Not me!