Thursday, January 12, 2012

Target Love


I have a huge Target problem.  I go in for paper towels and face wash and come out with a new shirt, shoes, and pillows for the couch.  There goes 100 bucks minimum every time I walk into Target.  A few months ago the Missoni for Target line sold out in hours and shut down Target's website. 

Well ladies and gents, BIG NEWS, the Target stores will now have "mini-shops" within the Target stores.  They will be called "The Shops at Target."  Every two to four months, Target will feature a new high-end store and have their merchandise at pocket friendly prices.  Each store will stay for six weeks.  The items will be priced from a $1 to $160 and the products will range from pet supplies to clothes. 

So, get excited now!  And never shop at Walmart again!  My budget it already quivering.   

Click here and here for two articles on the new stores.

Some of my latest favorites at Target:

Flats please!  These cheetah flats are ONLY 12 bucks.

Damask pillows for your couch?  I think so...

And last but not least...
Check out these Dana Kellin for Target jewels!

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