Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It is all about the Accessories...Engagement Looks!

On a good day, I can pull out a pair of jeans and a decent shirt to wear.  So, I could have NEVER put together our engagement outfits all by my lonesome.  Today's blog is all about the accessories.  As discussed here, the fabulous Lindsey Regan Thorne made these choices.  Kristin Vining was sweet enough to shoot photos not only Zack and I, but all of our accessories.


All photos copyright of Kristin Vining Photography. 

These yummy shoes are Joan & David.  You can by them at Nordstroms!  I would have never thought to pair them with my dress, but they worked perfectly.  

These babies are also Joan & David from Nordstroms.  


Both my bracelet and necklace came from the good ole Banana Republic. Oval Bracelet Here. Bauble Necklace Here.

It wouldn't be fair to leave out Zack's favorite accessory:

As you can tell, these puppies have seen their share of use.  I think they are Lucchese, but I can't really remember.  All men need a pair of cowboy boots.  

One day I will tire of discussing our engagement pictures, but that day isn't today....


  1. Mike and I are cool enough to sport some cowboy boots!