Sunday, October 28, 2012


Last weekend Zack and I took a weekender trip to the great state of Iowa to visit our friends Colt and Kelli.  Colt was a law school classmate of mine and Kelli is his girlfriend.  We arrived in Iowa about 10:30 Friday night and got back to big ole Beulaville at about 10:30 Sunday night.

While in Iowa, we decided to catch an Iowa Hawkeyes game.  Unfortunately, they didn't play too well, but we managed to have fun anyways.  Colt and Kelli live in Des Moines Iowa, but the game was in Iowa City so we got to see a bit of the scenery.  Zack felt right at home with corn, big fields, and so forth.

Colt and Kelli:  Thanks for the hospitality!  We had a wonderful time.
On the way to the game...

The four of us at the game!

On the way home...

Have a great week my friends!