Monday, April 30, 2012

City Girl in a "Strike City World"

Last Tuesday was my last day at The Law Office of Kate A. Rech.  I worked there for a good part of law school.  I had been giving Kate, my boss, a hard time for months about my "pending retirement."  I don't quit anything so saying that I was "quitting work" sounded awful.  Even though I have a valid excuse...good ole bar study.  

When I arrived at work Tuesday morning, I came bopping in wearing a dress and wedges.  I noticed that Kate grinned and said, "You sure are dressed up today."  Well, I thought that I was wearing the norm.  Come to find out, she and the Office Manager (her hubby) had other plans than a day of traditional office work.  On the way to lunch, I was told we were going bowling at Strike City (yes, Kate came up with the title of this post).  [For my out-of-town folks, Strike City is a bowling alley in Uptown with big flat screen tvs, lots of tables, and plenty of alcohol].  They forgot to mention on the way there that they were professional bowlers.  We got there, got our shoes on, and started bowling.  Every time Kate and Bryce threw the bowling ball down the lane it found its way to the pins.  Me, on the other hand, well, I was lucky to make it half way without it falling into the gutter.  By Game 2, I was picking up steam and even managed to get a strike.  I felt like I had two proud parents cheering for me.

In the end, I had a wonderful time.  They even sent me along with a beautiful Tiffany's necklace.  Kate and Bryce, if you are reading this, I wish the firm, your family, and sweet baby "L" all the best.      

Now, some pictures:
(excuse the iPhone photo quality)

[Such a stylish outfit]

Kate on the left and Bryce on the right.

Back to the books...

Sunday, April 29, 2012

3L Faculty Spoof

So, Friday night was the 3L Faculty Spoof.  My friend, Lee (you can read about "ALL" the details of his life at Falling Up), was in charge of putting together the production.  Lee, I hate to say it, but you did a FABULOUS job.  Essentially, the 3L spoof involves various students taking on the personas of different professors.  I played a very limited role in the whole show--I asked Professor Jeffries (played by Liz Dangel) a one-line question.  I mean many actresses get their start with one-line cameos, right?  Don't worry that's not my back-up plan if my law career goes south (my back-up plan is to be a farmer's wife -- can't you see it?).  I was, however, glad to be able to sit back, laugh hysterically, and enjoy one of the last times we will all be together.  

Steph, one of my friends, blogged about the spoof here.  She is much wittier than me in all facets of life so follow her blog.

[Photo Courtesy of Lee]

Can you find me?  As you can tell, we were all laughing like crazy.

Back to the books.



Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Growing Up

Today is a BIG, no HUGE DAY.  Today, I finish the last of my law school classes.  I can't remember wanting to do anything besides be a lawyer.  I have always just known.  I didn't have to worry about picking a major in undergrad, I didn't fret over looking for a job after college, I just worked towards going to law school.  

And, here I am...closing this chapter.  I told my Mom earlier that I wouldn't actually mind adding a couple of extra pages before I move on.  Yes, I am thrilled to be graduating, but I got to live the dream the last 3 years...I got to pursue higher education, I got to live in an uptown apartment with everything at my fingertips, I got to make some of the best, most amazing friends, I got to explore the city with Zack and realize that I had found a man who could adapt and live in both of my worlds, I got to be close to my family, and etc.  

Sure, at times, law school brought me to my knees.  I have called Zack or Mom crying at least once a semester for the last few years.  I have found my way to bed at 1am or 2am to only be back up at 5am.  I have made it through pack after pack of highlighters, notecards, schoolbags, and even computers.


I wouldn't change it.  I would go back and do it all again.  

For all those people out there that will advise you to stay away from things that are difficult, I, for one, will tell you to give it a shot. all of this...I have found out who I am.    

I am:

A firefighter's daughter
A close friend to my mom
A complete worrier at ALL times
A "type A" personality
A person who overcommits to everything
A godmother to two angels
A fiancee that often fails to truly appreciate how much her other half has sacrificed so she can live the "dream"
AND...a little girl, turned adult that got to chase a dream

Now, I can end the mushy stuff and say I have entitled the next chapter of my life: 

Purgatory = Bar study.     

Stay along for the ride...lord willing...we've got many chapters left in the book.  [However, let's hope the next one is brief].

The smirk in this picture just about sums it all up.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Law Prom

This past Friday night, I went to my last ever "law prom."  The law prom (formally known as the Barrister's Ball) is held yearly at a Charlotte area venue.  Prior to the prom, Zack and I went to Dressler's for dinner with the Tarwater's and, my midwesterners, Colt and Kelli.  Zack and I are trying to convince Colt and Kelli to move to NC while they try to convince us to move to Iowa.  I don't think anyone is budging on their position.  Needless to say, dinner was the best part of the evening.  Our dinner reservations were at 7:30 and we didn't end up making it to the prom until 10:30.  Prom this year was at Founder's Hall.  While it was nice, you grew old waiting to get a drink at the bar.  Plus, I had the worst bay breeze of my life.  It is hard to butcher a bay breeze (yep, my favorite drink).  The bartender just decided to pour in all the different juices he could find while I awkwardly stared at him.

One high note of law prom was that I had paparzzi following me -- Lee Robertson.  I was too lazy to use my camera, but Lee was prepared and got some great photos of the gang.    

We left law prom at 11:30 and went to one of my favorite places on earth -- the Ritz Carlton, Charlotte.  Yep,  Zack and I got engaged at the Ritz (Christmas 2010).  There, we had another round of drinks and Kelli fed her sweet tooth with some smore-like creation that I should have gotten a picture of.  At the Ritz, our friends from home, the Quinn's, joined us for drinks.  From there, we went to Ri Ra's for another drink and one round of patron (mom, you didn't see this).  The next morning I had to be at school by 8:00a.m.  Boy, that was fun.      

Now, the pictures:

Wasn't my date hott?
From left to right: Zack, Colt, Kelli, me, the paparazzi
When I grow up, I want to look like Kelli.  Too gorgeous!
This picture is with Professor Jeffries.  She taught me Civil Procedure I & II and Employment Discrimination.  She is also the advisor for Women In Law.  I may not have gotten through law school without her.   

Well, my friends, back to school.  Running on four hours of sleep, but feeling good.  Xoxo.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Calling All Guest Bloggers

I am soon to hibernate with the bar exam looming.  Thus, I am in NEED of some of my fellow bloggers and friends to guest blog for me.  I don't want my baby blog to die off!!!  So, please give me a shout if you are willing.  I'd love to have you!



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, Little Blog

My little baby blog has been neglected.  Mama has been BUSY.  Law school is ruining my social networking, my life, and my sanity.  

Here was my Tuesday:  
Get up at 5:30am 
Be at school by 7:30am for Law Review
Be at class by 8:30am 
Be at work by 11:00am
Be at Goodwill to volunteer by 2:30pm
Pick the kids up by 4:15pm (NO - I haven't popped out any kids yet, but I babysit a set of adorable twins)
Be back at school for the Women in Law panel at 5:15pm 
Get home at 9:00pm and answer emails, do homework, and drink an adult beverage

To all of you "real" mommies out there, kudos to each of you.  If I had to help with their homework, make dinner, and put them to bed SOMEONE would have to commit me to a loony farm.  

Our Women In Law panel last night (entitled Sexy or Sexist) featured some phenomenal mothers and professionals.  One of the panelists, Eve White, the Editor of Charlotte Parent Magazine, blogged about it here.  Give it a look and support her magazine.  

For a few hours Friday night, I am putting up the books, turning off the phone (well, that may be a stretch), and putting on the heels to enjoy a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing with some of my law school friends.  Plus, once the "law prom" (formally known as the Barrister's Ball) has ended, our neighbors in Beulaville (the country) are coming to join us at the bars and spend the rest of the weekend exploring the Queen City.

Oh, since all blogs should have pictures, here is a recent one of me at the Sulau's Wedding:

Hopefully, I will get to blog about their wedding soon.  We were honored to be present on one of the most important (and special) days of their lives.

XOXO, my friends.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Last Party

Key West Baby.

Key West was a wonderful spring break trip with my sweetie and our friends Lauren & Evan.  As most of you know, Lauren is the matron of honor in our wedding, my law school classmate, and my best friend.  Evan is her hubby.   

For Lauren and I, we are about to begin bar study a.k.a. hell.  So, this was our last hoorah before our lives are OVER.

Zack and I flew to Key West while Lauren and Evan drove the whole way from North Carolina to the very very bottom of Florida (yes, 18 hours).  Zack and I thought that we would kill one another by Atlanta so flying was our best option.

We stayed at the Parrot Key Resort a few miles from the beach.  It had lush landscaping, four pools, and plenty of R&R to be found.  Nice choice loves!

Each night we ventured to a different restaurant to see what kind of cuisine Key West had to offer.  Our best meal by far was chosen by our in-house restaurant connoisseur, Lauren.  "Michaels" was delicious!  Zack and I had the best, best filet mignon and Lauren and Even had two seafood dishes.  I could eat that filet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Like all visitors to Key West, we spent some time on Duval Street.  We visited the local bars and shopped at the cheesy shops.  Zack did manage to bargain $90 off a pair of Costa sunglasses.  All I could think about doing was shopping for our niece and God baby, Laney.  She ended up with two outfits.  Much to Zack's surprise, I bought nothing for myself.

Lauren and I spent part of one day getting a massage -- mine was GREAT -- Lauren's was rough.  But, at least, we ditched the boys for a bit.  They were unruly while we were gone.  They schemed a way to sneak contraband (beer not purchased from the bar) into the pool area.  They saved us mucho dinero though!!! 

 In the hotel suite, Zack also attempted to do a 360 spin for Lauren, Evan, and I.  The key words here are "attempt."  Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't have to worry about him performing with the Nutcracker anytime soon.

I should end this by noting that Lauren purchased something for everyone in our office.  [Note: Lauren and I work for attorneys that share space.  So, we get to spend almost everyday together].  She is always making me look bad.  This girl has always got it together.  Exactly why she's my bff and matron of honor! 

Now, our trip in pictures...

The view from our room.
Get it boys!
Hot mama.
I love Zack's smile here.

Isn't he just adorable?

Can I go back please?  I don't want to be a big girl; I don't want to take the biggest exam of my life; I just want to be little Rachel.

One final comment: My heart smiles when I look at Zack in these pictures.  He has worked tirelessly for the last few years to put me through law school, put a roof over my head, and put a ring on my finger.  He's my provider, supporter, and cheerleader.  He works 12 hours a day (or more).  To see his big toothy grin in all of these pictures makes me so happy.