Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Welcome to 2015, my friends!!!  I thought maybe I should dust this thing off for the New Year.  I did this last year and did one post, maybe I will do two this year!

To start the new year - I will answer one of the two questions I always get asked…  The questions are as follows:

#1 What is it like to live in Beulaville?
#2 When are you getting pregnant?

As for question 2, I have a niece and she is perfect.  At this point, I drink more coffee than water, I answer emails in the middle of the night, and my idea of cooking is grilled cheese sandwiches.  So, question 2 will go unanswered for a while longer…

As for question 1, here is what I can tell you about Beulaville:

We have 4 fast food restaurants (McDonald's, Hardees, Bojangles, and Subway).  We have 3 pizza places (Pizza Hut, Pizza Village, and a place that I can't remember the name of currently).  We have an Andy's.  We have a takeout Chinese place that is super cheap, but feeds an army.  Last but certainly not least, we have Duff's Cafe (which actually has the best seafood on Friday nights).  

There are literally FIVE auto parts stores.  Several dollar trees/dollar stores/dollar whatever.  And a hardware store.

There are two small grocery stores (no Harris Teeter, no Food Lion, no….).

A gift boutique and a nail salon.

Two gas stations.

A Walgreen's.  And some other pharmacy...

And two stop lights.

I am sure I am missing something, but these are the major highlights.

We are basically a small town sandwiched between Raleigh and Wilmington.  The first being about an hour and a half away and the second being about an hour away.  (We are about 45 minutes from Kinston, NC that has a restaurant named the Chef and the Farmer.  You should literally book your reservation and get in your car to go eat there.)

Most people here have some connection to the farm industry, but not all…  There are hog farms, turkey farms, chicken farms, and so forth.  You will see tobacco grown here, cotton, soy beans, corn, wheat, and etc.  I am sure I am forgetting something, but basically these are the big ones.

Zack's family used to grow tobacco and the best stories are told at Sunday lunch about what those days were like.  Sometimes I leave Sunday lunch at Mema's with a face that hurts from smiling so much (oh - and this is by far, the best food in town).  Zack's family now has hog farms and grows row crops.

I work about 30 minutes away in Jacksonville, North Carolina, which is the home of Camp Lejeune military base.  We have recently gotten a Panera in Jacksonville and a Lowe's Food.  Woot, Woot!  My gym is in Jacksonville.

We have a small regional airport about 10 minutes from our house if you're asking yourself how I manage to travel.  I can literally get my boarding pass and get through security in less than 5 minutes.

So, yes, this place is small.  There isn't much for food and shopping, but you'll never find warmer hearts and better fried chicken.  And apparently, I am becoming more like a local because I drive down the country roads like a bat out of hell and straight down the center.  I mean, its a requirement.

My door is always open, come visit!  I will take you on a tour of the farm, take you to Sunday lunch, and Zack can entertain you with his new jokes about the Bachelor.

Love from the country,