Thursday, January 26, 2012

Indecisive Wedding Planning

There are two things in life that I am indecisive about namely, where to eat for dinner and MY WEDDING.  I thought I would be the girl that just dove head first into wedding planning -- well, I was mistaken.  Don't get me wrong I have done some things, but I thought I would be all-consumed.  Zack and I have been engaged for over a year now and have just about a year to go until the wedding.  While that is a long time for some people - for a person who plans EVERYTHING - it is giving me a nervous twitch.  Luckily, my Uncle has agreed to help me along the way.  It took me a year to decide on a venue.  I thought about the Duke Mansion, Vanlandingham Estate, eloping (Mom, you didn't read that), and etc.  Last week, I finally got the contract signed, sealed, and delivered for the Foundation for the Carolinas (discussed here).  So, that is something checked off my list.  Now, I don't even know what I want this wedding to look like.  Modern? Absolutely.  Colors?  Eh, there are too may to choose from.  Food?  No clue.

So, here's my plea for help... if you've seen any cute ideas lately, send them my way!!!  Caveat, I am not a traditional bride -- I don't want it to look a bright Easter egg with color everywhere.  Instead, modern, streamlined, fresh, clean, and so on.

I also decided that I needed to work on my organization for this shindig.  Lauren, my maid of honor and law school classmate, has a folder in her gmail named "Rachel's Wedding."  How do I know this?  I was spying on her laptop when I should have been paying attention in class.  Sorry love!  I then realized that I don't even have this level of organization - so, I quickly added a tab to my computer to compensate and moved all wedding related emails to the appropriate place.  While this sounds silly, it was my wake up call.  Thanks for the motivation Lauren! 

Instead of daydreaming about my wedding, I am currently reserving those dreams for our engagement pictures on Feb. 6th with KVP and LRT.  These ladies are over-the-top incredible!  I've even managed to make it to the gym 3 times in the last week (that's huge for mwah) in preparation for the big day. 

So with all of this rambling to a close, I have decided that at the very least, come April of next year, Zack and I will be wed and have some great pictures.  That's all that matters right?    

Happy Thursday Friends!  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Spring Break Plans Baby

Our friends, Evan and Lauren, and Zack and I will be taking a spring break vacay this year.  Since Lauren and I have been in law school, we haven't been on a nice Spring Break Vacation.  This year we decided that we would enjoy a little R&R in beautiful Key West, Florida.  I am counting the days until the end of March when I can sip a fruity drink and lay poolside.  After days of searching, Evan and Lauren found us a beautiful resort in Key West called the Parrot Key Hotel & Resort.

The hunt is now on for some Key West appropriate attire - say dresses, bikinis, and wedges!!!

I have never been to Key West - any tips/advice/attractions?

Megan and Seth's Shower

I will be welcoming my first niece this spring.  My sister, Megan, and brother-in-law, Seth, are having a baby girl, Laney Elizabeth Sholar.  For those of you who are behind, my sister and I (once I tie the knot to Zack) will be married to brothers.  My sweetie is Seth's brother.  Confused yet?  Yes, that makes my future children and Baby Laney double first cousins (for all my family law nerds).  On Saturday, Seth's Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin graciously hosted a baby shower for the soon-to-be parents.  It was wet and rainy outside, but they had an abundance of family and friends come to celebrate.  The couple received some great gifts to get them started on the adventure of being parents (something I know absolutely nothing about, as I cannot take care of a pet).  Laney's estimated date of arrival is March 14th.  We are pooling funds to get a big, flashing sign to put on the top of my Mom's car so that everyone gets out of the way when she hears the baby is coming and she makes her drive from Charlotte to Wilmington. 

 Baby Laney has already stolen Aunt Rachel and Uncle Zack's hearts.  Now, if she can just be like me....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update: Jason Wu for Target to Hit Feb. 5th

As discussed in my previous post, Target is repeating the "magic" it had with Missoni and will be debuting another high-end designer at oh, so affordable pricing.  We've now learned that the designer will be the ultra fab, Jason Wu.  Mr. Wu designed Michelle Obama's inaugural dress and many more pieces of her wardrobe.  Since then, his popularity has sky-rocketed and he has been dressing the "A" listers.  

His collection will hit Target on February 5th and all items will be priced under $60.00.  

You can watch his appearance on the Today Show here.

You better put on your running shoes to grab a piece of his collection because it's going to be HOT!