Thursday, January 5, 2012

God's Country

Many of you have heard this story, but it is one worth repeating....

I met Zack while in school at NC State.  On the weekends, we would go home to Zack's family farm.  Every Friday we would jump in the truck as soon as class was dismissed and head for Beulaville.  Just a few miles prior to our exit we would always pass the "Duplin County" sign on I-40 and Zack would always smile and say that we had made it back to "God's Country."  It is something that has always stuck with me because, at first, I didn't understand how he could love a place so much.  All I could think was there was no Starbucks, Target, or fine dining restaurant less than 20 minutes away.  But, "God's Country" has a way of sneaking up on you; it has a way of making you find the things that are important in life.  Granted, I will aways love a pair of 5in nude pumps, a fruity cocktail, and the city lights, but I have found home and I am counting the days until it is my permanent residence.... 

I took the pictures below this week at a piece of land owned by Zack's grandfather.  Each and every piece of land purchased by the family is given a name (usually, the name of the former owner).  This piece, however, has been named the "New Ground," and the name will stay the same even if it is passed down from one generation to the next.


Those babies in the distance above are hog houses!  (Soon, I will give everyone a closer look to dispel some of the common myths).


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