Wednesday, March 5, 2014


While I was in law school, I considered exercise to be walking down to the gym in my complex and jogging on the treadmill for 15 minutes or walking instead of calling a cab after leaving dinner (you know, walking 10 blocks in stilettos is hard work).  

After starting work, I really didn't exercise at all.  I started scuba diving last spring and that at least helped me get out of the house and explore another world.  Then, in late October/ early November, my friend Kylene asked me to try CrossFit with her.  We tried a workout on a Saturday and I couldn't move for what felt like days afterwards.  The rest is history...

I now go approximately 5 days a week.  When I went to the grocery store tonight after the gym to buy groceries (or beer actually), I had on a headband and a sweatshirt that both said CrossFit on them.  This struck up a conversation with an employee of the store that asked me about it.  "Why do it" was the gist of the conversation?


It forces you to push yourself to a place that you did not know you could go to.

It takes you out of your comfort zone.

It forces you to rid yourself of everything bad that happened in the day and think only about that next rep, that next step, and so forth.

It makes you accountable to others because if you don't go, someone will stalk you down on social media and see to it that you are back the next day.

And last, but not'll find a family.  When you have done more box jumps than you ever want to think about again, there will always be that person yelling at you that you can do it and to get back on that box.    

Will I be the next person to make it to the games?  No.  Will I look and feel a hell of a lot better in a pair of skinny jeans or a suit?  Absolutely. 

Photo Credit:  Maggie Selzer