Sunday, September 30, 2012

Working 9 to 5...

Dolly Parton lies.  There's no such thing as working 9 to 5.  Or so I am learning now that I have entered "big girl" world.  Really, I am just trying to find an excuse for my lack of blogging.  

I've got a few things to post, but for tonight I will leave you a list of what our house has been up to:

1 - Work, work, and more work 
2 - A surprise trip to the Queen City for Lauren's birthday
3 - We've booked a trip to Iowa to visit my law school friends in mid-October
4 - I've plotted our elopement (kidding Mom)
5 - We've met new friends here in the country - yay!
6 - We taught Whiskey to sit and retrive 
7 - We registered for wedding presents 
8 - And we have done a little more working...

Have a great week my loves!  xoxo


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Need a good smile?

Picture taken of Whiskey and his best friend, Bama, at Animal House Doggie Day Care

Saturday, September 8, 2012

M.I.A. for a REASON

Yes, I know I have been missing in action - at least from the blog!

But, I've been starting my new life.  A life that doesn't include daily classes, exams, homework.  FINALLY...YES...FINALLY...I am official.  On Monday, August 27th, I ran out to mailbox (maybe at olympic record speed) found my letter from the bar, ripped it open, read Congrats, and my dreams came true.  I passed the BAR EXAM.  After years of school, a summer of hell, and a pile of money...I got the news that I would be a real lawyer.

The next day...I started work at my firm.  

NOW...I am trying to settle in to how different school is from reality.  So far, so good.  I don't think the stress is going to be any less nor do I think the hours will be less, but I do know that I am so thankful to the big guy upstairs for getting me this far.

My Dad, however, reminded that this isn't "the end."  I haven't crossed the finish line.  I haven't completed my life's work.  Instead, it has just begun...

I'll be back with more posts this coming week.

For now, I am being the project manager of Zack's "honey do" list.