Sunday, May 20, 2012


Well, my SWEET loves, official bar prep is among us.  Tomorrow is the "official beginning."  This past week just eased us back into the first year subjects.  I've never dreaded something so much in my life.  It's like the plague.  I am dreaming of the beach, of having drinks with friends, of being Zack's assistant on the farm, and so on.  Really, I just don't want the "lost summer" to commence.  "City Girl in a Country World" will be fairly quiet over the summer months.  I do, however, have some hot-tamale guest bloggers coming up.  Give them some love!

I've prepped for tomorrow like the first day of school.  My apartment is spick and span, laundry done, bag packed, etc.  (I may have even picked my clothes out).  

This is it...this is why I have been going to school...this is GAME time.  As you can likely tell, I am trying to inspire and/or motivate myself.

I'll leave you with a couple pictures of my study nest for the next few little city loft!



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A MUST Read Blog

I follow a lot of blogs...from personal blogs to wedding blogs to just random ramblings.  

Not many blogs touch me like this one...

I don't know this woman, but she's one of my heroes.  She has a daughter with down syndrome.  However, she doesn't let this define her family's life or her child's life.  

I get caught up and let things consume and define me.  I let my desires to be a successful attorney, my desires to have nice things, and my desires to be someone DEFINE my existence from time to time.  I am working on this, like we all work on things.  

Take several minutes and go through this family's story.  

Think: could you be this positive and this gracious?  

Monday, May 14, 2012


I have graduated law school.  No really, I have finished.  I still don't believe it.  They haven't sent us our official diplomas so they could make me do it all over again.  Yesterday, was undoubtedly one of the best days of my little life.  I was so proud and happy to have Zack and all of my family cheering me on at graduation.  

Plus, it was Mother's Day.  If you know my mom, you know she may be one of the sweetest things to ever land on planet Earth.  She has been and will always be my cheerleader.  She devotes 100% to her children and her husband.  Mom, I love you!

Since my words can't do it justice, here is graduation in pictures:

A little party to start the weekend.

Now Graduation:

My name in the bulletin.  Woot, Woot.

Well, I can now sign off as:

Rachel N. Stroup, J.D.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 Years in Pictures

After I finished LAW SCHOOL yesterday, I hopped in the car and drove (like myrtle the turtle) to the country.  Zack's cell phone started going off before 7am so there was no sleeping in for me this morning.  But, that's okay, I am plopped on the couch in front of our Cadillac of televisions (one of our biggest & best splurges).  All I want to do today is watch reality tv, blog, read blogs, and pin on pinterest.  I feel like a celebrity now that I have made it back -- everyone keeps blowing their horn when they pass and see my car in the driveway.  I haven't been here in months!  My blog has been and is going to continue to face neglect until I pass (or attempt to pass) the bar.  I thought, however, we should do a little review--in pictures--of the last 3 years.

At the ripe ole age of 20, I moved into my first apartment in Uptown Charlotte to begin law school.

1L Year:
   Zack & I and got our first set of Charlotte friends, Lauren & Evan.  (Note: Lauren *went* to law school with me and is my fabulous matron of honor).  

First law prom!

Now 2L Year:
Lauren got hitched and I was her maid of honor. 

Zack decided that he could put up with me for a lifetime and put this beauty on my finger. 

My new, bigger apartment.  
From left to right - Me, Zack, Colt, and Kelli.  Colt goes to law school with me and Kelli is his girlfriend.  I've decided to make her my own friend.  The four of us have had some great times!
Law prom year 2!

Now 3L Year:
My sister married Zack's brother.  If you're a blog reader, you've caught on by now that the Stroup sisters are marrying (or have married) the Sholar brothers.  
Lauren & Evan joined my family for Thanksgiving.  It was so fun!

The fabulous Kristin Vining of Kristin Vining Photopraphy took our engagement pictures.

My niece, Laney, made her arrival.  I love "Bug."

We took a little spring break.

Law prom year 3.

All I am missing now are graduation photos.  Bring on Sunday!

I've also noticed while going through my pictures that I changed my hair constantly.  It is funny to watch the evolution.  Zack gives me his preferences after the fact, not before.  

Have a great day my sweeties.