Thursday, March 29, 2012

We're home from vacation...

AND I am not all that happy about it!

I want to be back by the pool with a bahama mama in my hand.  But, alas, life is calling.  The next few months hold a lot of life events and challenges for me.  Can you say?  Finals, graduation, bar study, bar, exam, moving to the country, and "hopefully" starting a career.  So with all that on the horizon, I enjoyed every minute of my vacation with the future hubs and our friends Lauren & Evan.

I will blog the trip in the next few days...STAY TUNED.



One unhappy post-vacationer.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Vision (or lack thereof)

What do I foresee my wedding looking like?

Well, that's the question I have been asking myself since December 25, 2010.  Yes, the day we got engaged (over a year ago).  Like all newly engaged girls, I immediately started doing my research on venues to flowers.  I thought that I would just know my "color scheme" or the feel that I was hoping to incapsulate at our wedding.  That was a massive fail.  Sigh.

Here's what I have managed to come up with so far:


Okay, a little more than nothing.  I know I want a modern soiree with clean lines and touches of gray and white.  As for a theme or pop of color?  I've got nothing.  I had a hot second of wanting to do gray and yellow.  Then, all of the western hemisphere decided to do that scheme.  So, here we vision, no hope for a vision, and, well, just plain stuck!

Because my rambling can only go on so long, here are some pins that I have managed to pin to my wedding board on pinterest.  Even that is agonizing, as I am indecisive about my pins.

  Laney (or Bug as Zack and I like to call her) would look adorbs in that flower girl dress.  

Take pity on me...I fail as a wedding planner.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Week

With Key West just one week away, my mind has left "school mode" and gone on vacation...  In some ways I am incredibly decisive, but, in other ways, I am incredibly indecisive AND when it comes to packing it's the latter.  

However, here are a few of my must haves for the beach this year:  

1) A hat to keep those rays off your face (well, and to be fashionable too).

2) A nice beach towel.
These Trina Turk beach towels are a little pricey at $58.00, but the colors are swoon worthy.  

3) A trendy beach bag.
Yep, the classic Scout bag at $36.50.

Don't forget your Ray-Bans to protect those baby blues:

Now, get off the couch AND head to the beach!!!  It is warm (actually hot) here in the Carolinas.  

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We've been blogged!

Yes, our fab photog, Kristin Vining, has posted our engagement session on her blog.

Hop on over to Kristin Vining Photography to see the goods!

Happy Saturday friends!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It is all about the Accessories...Engagement Looks!

On a good day, I can pull out a pair of jeans and a decent shirt to wear.  So, I could have NEVER put together our engagement outfits all by my lonesome.  Today's blog is all about the accessories.  As discussed here, the fabulous Lindsey Regan Thorne made these choices.  Kristin Vining was sweet enough to shoot photos not only Zack and I, but all of our accessories.


All photos copyright of Kristin Vining Photography. 

These yummy shoes are Joan & David.  You can by them at Nordstroms!  I would have never thought to pair them with my dress, but they worked perfectly.  

These babies are also Joan & David from Nordstroms.  


Both my bracelet and necklace came from the good ole Banana Republic. Oval Bracelet Here. Bauble Necklace Here.

It wouldn't be fair to leave out Zack's favorite accessory:

As you can tell, these puppies have seen their share of use.  I think they are Lucchese, but I can't really remember.  All men need a pair of cowboy boots.  

One day I will tire of discussing our engagement pictures, but that day isn't today....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Engagement Pictures

My photographer, Kristin Vining, is the bomb.  Literally, her work amazes me - it is fresh, unique, and personal.  When you meet her, you feel like you've known her for years.  Her Uptown studio is a girl's dream.  After I got engaged, I researched, emailed, and followed numerous photographers, but I always came back to Kristin.  Once I actually met her, I booked her within the week.  If you're engaged, married, old, whatever...find a reason to use her.

So, Zack and I scheduled our engagement pictures for February 4th.

The Friday before the shoot I went shopping with Lindsey Regan Thorne.  She is a style guru, makeup artist, hair stylist, and, well, really, whatever she touches turns to gold.  Example 1: My hair and makeup in our photos.  We hit up Southpark looking for the perfect outfits, accessories, shoes, and etc.  Boy, she was patient with me and my insecurities.  After a few hours and a yogurt, I had all of the goods for our shoot for both Zack and I.  I should mention we bought everything without Zack trying it on.  The only thing that failed was his blazer, which turned out to be mislabeled.  Lindsey is quite possibly one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and so incredibly humble.  Like Kristin, hire her.    

I should mention that Zack was less than excited about this whole engagement picture idea.  I almost had to result to bribery.  Good thing he loves me!  (Plus, KV has a secret stash of beer).

On the morning of the 4th, Zack and I got up and went the gym, had coffee, and peered outside to see that it was raining.  Yes, pouring.  A monsoon had come to town.  It wasn't long before LRT and KV were calling me and I knew, just knew, we were going to have to reschedule because we were doing one in studio look and one look outside.  After some pouting and hesitation on my part, Kristin told me to kick it in gear and meet her and LRT at the studio.  So, I met them at the studio to start hair and makeup and Zack headed to Southpark to exchange his too small blazer that we tried on him at the last minute.  Once Zack made it back and we were ready, it was time to get in front of the lens.  Talk about terrifying!

We had to "work it."  I am awkward on a good day.  But, somehow Kristin took this city girl and country boy and turned us into the below:

All photos copyright of Kristin Vining Photography.

Kristin's adorable twins (twinks, twinkies) were at our shoot.  Zack and I would like clones of these two.  I fell in love with the two of them and got big hugs at the end of the day!

One last piece to this mom married my biological father, Walter, on February 4, 1984.  So, we had our pictures taken 28 years to the date that my parents got married.  My daddy passed away when I was six years old so I am blessed to share such a special date with him.  (My mom remarried to Mike, my dad, my rock, and our blessing sent from heaven).  Mine and Zack's anniversary will be one day after their anniversary.    

This week I will try to go through all the clothes, jewels, and accessories we wore.  The shoes I wore will get their own post!!!  

But, for now, I am left future husband is HOTT.