Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stuck in 2012

There are so many exciting things about the start of a New Year.  Starting over, starting anew, starting fresh (insert desired synonym).  However, I still haven't really let go of 2012 yet.  This past year was a very significant one in my life.  I finally finished school, passed the bar exam, began my legal career, and moved out of my Charlotte loft.  While making the transition from a student to a graduate brought with it some very happy moments, I also felt like I hit too much change all at once and I couldn't get my organize loving, OCD self to process it. 

Being with Zack full-time was, of course, a "good" change (really a great change), but leaving Charlotte was hard, too hard.  I am still working on getting back to myself.  I no longer have Wednesday night dinners at my parents, or lunches with close friends, and I definitely can't walk to any restaurants or make it to Target without a 35 minute drive.  Instead of reaching out, starting over, and making this home, I drew kind of inward.  I stopped blogging.  I stopped doing much of anything.  I went to work, got home, ate dinner, watched tv, went to bed, and repeat.

So, for 2013...there aren't really any big, concrete New Year's Resolutions.  I really just want to get back to me.  Hopefully, that means I will spend a little more time on here.

Oh, did I mention?  I get married this year.  Yep, after being together since 18, we will finally be going to the chapel (well, not really a chapel) and getting married.  Would anyone really be surprised if we were already married?  Hmmm....


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  1. You rock. You realize about yourself that a law degree, fabulous husband, stunning beauty, adorable house, etc., etc. won't fulfill you if you aren't strong on the inside and true to yourself. Staying true to you becomes even more important when you have a bunch of little people defining your life. You are going to have an amazing 2013!!