Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, Little Blog

My little baby blog has been neglected.  Mama has been BUSY.  Law school is ruining my social networking, my life, and my sanity.  

Here was my Tuesday:  
Get up at 5:30am 
Be at school by 7:30am for Law Review
Be at class by 8:30am 
Be at work by 11:00am
Be at Goodwill to volunteer by 2:30pm
Pick the kids up by 4:15pm (NO - I haven't popped out any kids yet, but I babysit a set of adorable twins)
Be back at school for the Women in Law panel at 5:15pm 
Get home at 9:00pm and answer emails, do homework, and drink an adult beverage

To all of you "real" mommies out there, kudos to each of you.  If I had to help with their homework, make dinner, and put them to bed SOMEONE would have to commit me to a loony farm.  

Our Women In Law panel last night (entitled Sexy or Sexist) featured some phenomenal mothers and professionals.  One of the panelists, Eve White, the Editor of Charlotte Parent Magazine, blogged about it here.  Give it a look and support her magazine.  

For a few hours Friday night, I am putting up the books, turning off the phone (well, that may be a stretch), and putting on the heels to enjoy a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing with some of my law school friends.  Plus, once the "law prom" (formally known as the Barrister's Ball) has ended, our neighbors in Beulaville (the country) are coming to join us at the bars and spend the rest of the weekend exploring the Queen City.

Oh, since all blogs should have pictures, here is a recent one of me at the Sulau's Wedding:

Hopefully, I will get to blog about their wedding soon.  We were honored to be present on one of the most important (and special) days of their lives.

XOXO, my friends.

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