Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Law Prom

This past Friday night, I went to my last ever "law prom."  The law prom (formally known as the Barrister's Ball) is held yearly at a Charlotte area venue.  Prior to the prom, Zack and I went to Dressler's for dinner with the Tarwater's and, my midwesterners, Colt and Kelli.  Zack and I are trying to convince Colt and Kelli to move to NC while they try to convince us to move to Iowa.  I don't think anyone is budging on their position.  Needless to say, dinner was the best part of the evening.  Our dinner reservations were at 7:30 and we didn't end up making it to the prom until 10:30.  Prom this year was at Founder's Hall.  While it was nice, you grew old waiting to get a drink at the bar.  Plus, I had the worst bay breeze of my life.  It is hard to butcher a bay breeze (yep, my favorite drink).  The bartender just decided to pour in all the different juices he could find while I awkwardly stared at him.

One high note of law prom was that I had paparzzi following me -- Lee Robertson.  I was too lazy to use my camera, but Lee was prepared and got some great photos of the gang.    

We left law prom at 11:30 and went to one of my favorite places on earth -- the Ritz Carlton, Charlotte.  Yep,  Zack and I got engaged at the Ritz (Christmas 2010).  There, we had another round of drinks and Kelli fed her sweet tooth with some smore-like creation that I should have gotten a picture of.  At the Ritz, our friends from home, the Quinn's, joined us for drinks.  From there, we went to Ri Ra's for another drink and one round of patron (mom, you didn't see this).  The next morning I had to be at school by 8:00a.m.  Boy, that was fun.      

Now, the pictures:

Wasn't my date hott?
From left to right: Zack, Colt, Kelli, me, the paparazzi
When I grow up, I want to look like Kelli.  Too gorgeous!
This picture is with Professor Jeffries.  She taught me Civil Procedure I & II and Employment Discrimination.  She is also the advisor for Women In Law.  I may not have gotten through law school without her.   

Well, my friends, back to school.  Running on four hours of sleep, but feeling good.  Xoxo.

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