Sunday, April 29, 2012

3L Faculty Spoof

So, Friday night was the 3L Faculty Spoof.  My friend, Lee (you can read about "ALL" the details of his life at Falling Up), was in charge of putting together the production.  Lee, I hate to say it, but you did a FABULOUS job.  Essentially, the 3L spoof involves various students taking on the personas of different professors.  I played a very limited role in the whole show--I asked Professor Jeffries (played by Liz Dangel) a one-line question.  I mean many actresses get their start with one-line cameos, right?  Don't worry that's not my back-up plan if my law career goes south (my back-up plan is to be a farmer's wife -- can't you see it?).  I was, however, glad to be able to sit back, laugh hysterically, and enjoy one of the last times we will all be together.  

Steph, one of my friends, blogged about the spoof here.  She is much wittier than me in all facets of life so follow her blog.

[Photo Courtesy of Lee]

Can you find me?  As you can tell, we were all laughing like crazy.

Back to the books.



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