Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wedding Updates (or lack thereof)

It is perfectly acceptable to drink champagne on Thursdays with nothing to celebrate, right?  I sure hope so because that's exactly what I am doing now.

Today, as House Manager,  I have been trying to wedding plan.  As I said earlier on facebook, the only thing I can really commit to is Zack.  That's a good start, right?  That may be a little dramatic, as I have the venue, the dress, the photographer, and a stylist.  However, all those decisions were made at least 6 months ago.  Since then, the wedding planning has gone stale.  Yep, stale.

My mission today was to change that.  So, I started my day with a chit chat with the DJ company Split Second Sound.  Word on the street is that they are one of the best DJ companies in town.  "We clicked" on the phone and the breadwinner around here agreed to pricing so I just need to get the contract in the mail.

From there, I turned to finding a bakery for our wedding cake.  Here's the problem:  I've got champagne taste on beer budget.  I am not talking like your champagne you buy off the shelf at Harris Teeter that costs like $10--I am talking like the champagne that Christian Grey romances Anastasia Steele with in Fifty Shades of Grey (for Fifty fans, that's like 200 bucks).  Couple this fact, with the fact that my Mom and I analyze everyone's wedding cake, AND we've got big problems.  Yep - we are regular cake analysts.  When we go to a wedding we ask:  How clean are the lines?  How good does it taste?  Is it unique?  Etc...  It is just something we've always done.  Probably, due to the fact, that we've had some massive cake flops over the years [Mom, remember my high school graduation cake?].  With all that said, the cake is a huge dilemma.  Thanks for all the suggestions made via facebook.  I'll be researching them all.

I should also admit that this wedding has no theme, no colors, and no direction.

Other big ticket items remaining:  catering & invites.

Like all other brides that have come before me, all these decisions will eventually get made.  I asked Zack today what would make him happy at the wedding and he just wants good booze (that was a given).  On the scale of helpful, that ranks pretty low.

Alright, back to drinking my champagne.  I'll be back soon with some more updates (or lack thereof).




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