Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Honeymoon Ideas - Recommendations Needed

Zack and I are just starting to discuss our honeymoon.  We've really got no definitives or must haves--although we've got some preferences.  Briefly, I thought we had settled on Santorini, Greece, but the country has been suffering continuous turmoil as of late and I am not sure it is the smartest decision (it's still on the maybe list though).  We may be leaning towards a European destination.

Thus, I turn to all of you for recommendations.

We'd prefer:

European beaches or South America or maybe the Caribbean Islands
BUT NO Mexico, Jamaica, Aruba, Hawaii, or stateside locale  
Somewhere not all-inclusive (no Sandals or Couples Resort)
Somewhere warm in April (so I can pack floppy hats, bikinis, and dresses

Ok, let me know your top picks! (I am also open to advice on places to steer clear of...)

Happy Wednesday!



  1. We went to jamaica and did sandals but we have also been to an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana and in Turks and Caicos in the past couple years on vacation. We prefer them just cause everything is included, they are usually adult only and you can just eat and drink as you please. I had a friend who also recent went to bora bora and she loved it, but it was all inclusive as well

  2. We were DYING to go to Europe but I became TOO overwhelmed with the whole planning process and opted for all-inclusive (no sandals either though). Europe is going to be cold in April. You'll definitely have a sweater and jeans type of weather unfortunately, so if that's totally cool go for it! (I mean it IS europe!!) I looked at all sorts of places through LuxuryLink and scored an extra $150 off our discounted price for being a new customer and referring a friend. They have stuff for all OVER and not all are all-inclusive either. But wherever you go I'm sure it'll be awesome. Just depends on budget etc too. We paid for ours only so we didn't have the funds for a $1000 a night place. We're staying at Cocobay Resort in Antigua and it's very rustic accommodations but I don't care because the beach looks freaking insane. We splurged and book a private 8 hour yacht charter with the money we saved and it takes you snorkeling, serves you lunch and champagne sunset is included so I said I'd rather spend the money there and on a massage than pay premium for a room and no awesome beach. BUT if budget allows there are some freaking amazing places out there. :) I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. Curacao - great sun and scuba! Beautiful too!

  4. It's a long journey but SO worth it and SO warm in April (other side of the Equator)...Zanzibar or Mauritius in the Indian Ocean next to Africa. GORGE.

    P.S. I'm a Charlotte-native, transplanted to Denver, now working as a wedding planner. Came across your planner's blog (looking for a rec for a Charlotte friend) and saw the inspiration board she created for your wedding - looks amazing! I think you're in good hands - best of luck!

    1. Thank you. I'll totally give my travel agent those names. Katrina is so fabulous. I would recommend her to anyone. Best of luck to you.