Monday, February 20, 2012

Spring Fashion

I have the January blues every year.  By January, your skin is officially dried out, you have gotten good use out of your jackets, and you are sufficiently pasty.  I loathe all of these things.  It is now February and I am so tired of winter (even this mild winter) that I would like to throw a child-like tantrum.  I'll spare us.  So, I dream about spring.  Can you say?  Warm weather, dresses, and color.  (And, this year I am dreaming about fruity drinks and my upcoming Key West adventure).  

The spring trends this year are SUPER fun.  

Here are a few of my favorites:   

Disclaimer: By no means do I hold myself out to be any sort of fashion aficionado, I just know what I like to wear.  

1.  Like the rest of the bloggers I follow, I am dying over this season's neon trend.  

I recently purchased this J.Crew neon sweater:

I love, love this bracelet below.  If you want to take the neon trend in phases, this is a good place to start.  You can find it here.

This Michael Kors neon shift dress is gorgeous.  Unfortunately, it will set you back about two grand (yep, I will dream on).  That isn't to say you can't find something similar at a tenth of the price! 

2.  Florals go in and out, but this year they are BACK.  

I cannot pull off a pair of floral trousers AT ALL.  However, if you've got great legs and a little height, give them a shot! 

Ahh, this floral dress is too adorable.  I am in LOVE with the back cutouts.  

You can buy this baby here.

This J.Crew top is super sweet.  It too is making the blog rounds.  A little bit pricey, but you get the idea.  Loving the capped sleeves too! 

3. Colorblock like a champ!

Unless you've been living under a bridge, you know that colorblocking is in and is here to stay at least for a little while longer. 

So, how do we colorblock you ask?  3 colors maximum!  If you fail, oh well...

Here are some super cute ways to incorporate this trend:  

This cute, little "boyfriend" blazer is from Urban Outfitters.  Not too badly priced at $79.00.  It's also available in grey and blue!

I love this ASOS dress.


Those Louboutin's on the left are crazy gorgeous, albeit crazy expensive.  Those Jessica Simpson's on the right are a good "steal." 

Bring on Spring...  I'll be waiting (anxiously).

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