Monday, February 13, 2012

Blogging Hiatus...

Yep, I have completely failed to blog for about a week now. 

Instead, I have been:

1) Planning and executing a catered lunch for around 100 students, faculty, and distinguished guests.  I have to was delicious!

2) Traveling to God's Country.  I listened to Breaking Dawn on disc on the way.  I have to say I kind of liked it.  Shh...

3) Being Zack's farm assistant (no joke - I like to drive the truck between farms).  I even smelled bad, which in my book equals major success, as everyone got the impression that I was hard at work.  Pa (Zack's grandfather) informed me that I didn't smell bad, but that I smelled like money.  That's okay with me.

4) Running with Zack in 20 degree weather.  (Well, running and walking while Zack did circles around me, ran backwards, and gave me constant high fives).

5) Sitting on I-40 with a flat tire.  This was the highlight of my Monday. 

While I was in the Toyota dealership, I put together a little bloggity blog for Valentine's Day tomorrow.  Be sure to get your sweetie a little prize before it is too late!

Stay tuned...

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