Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy V-Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought I would use today's blog posting (since it is the most romantic day of the year) to detail our LOVE story.

Zack and I met the spring of our freshman year of college.  One of my sorority sisters, Taylor Lanier, was having a small gathering at her place.  She invited some of the local boys from the county she grew up in.  The one that she had "selected" for me didn't catch my eye, but when Zack walked in, there was instant chemistry.  He had on a pink polo shirt and jeans.  At that point, I was blonde and super tan, as I had just returned from Boca Raton.  We chatted it up at the party and exchanged numbers.  He invited me to a movie the next day, but I couldn't go (I had class and this nerd was not missing it).  So, even though I turned down his movie invitation, he invited me to lunch the next week.  The next week came around and he picked me up from my dorm in his Grandfather's white four door Chevy Truck.  He took me to a little Italian restaurant.  He opened all doors, paid for lunch, prayed at lunch, and kissed me on the cheek when he dropped me off after lunch.  That same day I called my Mom and told her that I was going to marry him.  From there, we started hanging out every couple of days.  A few short weeks later, Zack took me home to the farm.  He told his parents that he was bringing a "friend" home.  Boy, were they surprised when a blonde, curly haired girl stepped out of the truck!  Zack was and is a smart boy - he knew that I would be head-over-heels smitten after a weekend at the farm.  I spent an entire Saturday riding a tractor with him (now, I go to Wilmington and go shopping with the girls).  I was also served the best Sunday lunch that a girl could eat at Pa and Mema's house.  On the way home from the farm, he asked me to be his girlfriend.  We then spent the next few years attending football games, driving home to the family farm, taking weekend trips to Charlotte, and having fun with friends.

(This photo was taken just a few months after we started dating.  Do I look any different in 5 years??)

(Tailgating with some of our best college friends).

There was a time (albeit brief) when I wasn't sure if I could give up my life in Charlotte and trade it in for a life in the country.  But, I quickly realized that when you find love like this, you'll move anywhere for that person.  And, who said you had to give up all things glitzy and glamorous?  Trust me, there are fashionistas in the country too.  I rock my heels, jewels, and tights to church.

 (Another sorority formal).

Fast forward to December 2010, Zack and I were still dating.  I had started law school and Zack had graduated from NC State the May before.  I was starting to get impatient that we were not engaged yet, so Zack took me ring shopping.  The weekend before Christmas Zack gave me a pair of diamond earrings.  However, you would have thought that he gave me a lump of coal.  I did what every rational girl does - I CRIED and cried like a baby.  I wanted a ring!  Unbeknownst to me, Zack had other plans.  He had already asked my Dad if he could marry me.  Zack, his brother, and his Dad drove to Charlotte on Christmas Eve to pick up my ring.  I had NO idea that Zack was anywhere near Charlotte on Christmas Eve, as he wasn't supposed to be in Charlotte until Christmas Day.  So, finally, Christmas Day rolls around and Zack comes to my Grandparent's house to have Christmas dinner with the family.  At this point, I had given up on the possibility of getting a ring (I had already gotten the earrings and cried).  After we had dinner, we drove back into Uptown Charlotte, but instead of stopping at my apartment, we pulled into the Ritz.  Zack said we were going to have a couple of drinks.  For Zack and I this was not unusual, but I was then surprised to learn he had booked a room.  We had several drinks at the bar and I was getting tired and begged to go back to our room, but it seemed that everyone in the hotel had other plans.  They chatted me up - they talked about this, that, and the other for what seemed like FOREVER.  Finally, they let me escape.  We went back to our room and I flung the door open to find our entire suite COVERED in candles.  That's when my sweetie got down on two knees (not one) and asked me to be his wife.  Zack said I did some weird mixture of laughing and crying.  And one important detail I left out...it was SNOWING.  Yes, this was the Christmas that it snowed.  It still makes me smile just thinking about it.  I will treasure this day forever.  For me, it was the perfect engagement to the perfect man.

 (This photo was taken just a few days after he popped the question).

(My ring!  I had a temporary setting for a few weeks after I got my ring on Christmas, as the setting was making its way across the pond). 

Now, we are just waiting on April 13, 2013 to tie the knot!  We all know that I needed that long to plan.  So for now, we are soaking up every moment together before I have to study for the bar.  I sure love this man - today and everyday.  As cheesy as it may sound, I hope you all find someone as kind, sincere, trustworthy, and hardworking as Zack.  

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie!  Love from Charlotte!    

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