Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wedding Updates and Honeymoon Locale

The big girl world is keeping me busy, but I wanted to list out all of the progress on our upcoming wedding.

Current Vendors:

Venue:  Foundation for the Carolinas
Photog:  Kristin Vining Photography
Hair, Makeup, Styling: Lindsey Regan Thorne
Flowers:  The Bloom Room
Cake:  Cake Lady Jill (tasting next Saturday)
DJ:  Split Second Sound
Save the Dates, Invites, and all things paper:  Olive Paper
Planner:  Katrina Hutchins of Come+Together Events

What's left?  Catering.  That beast will be conquered next weekend (hopefully).

Below is our baller design board created for our wedding by Come+Together.  Gorgeous, right?  I can't wait to bring this to life (well, really watch everyone else bring it to life).

Now for the Honeymoon...  Zack's favorite topic, ha.

I have been sweating this one big time, but the decision has been made.  I wanted to go to Greece SO BAD.  But, alas, I was told by two travel agents that it would be cold, wet, and miserable in early April.  Greece was then taken off the books.  From there, I was completely uncertain.  I thought I was dead set against Mexico, but I got several recommendations for the Rosewood in Mayakoba, Mexico.  The Rosewood is a beautiful set of boutique hotels.  I did NOT want an all-inclusive or a chain like Sandals, but I wanted a resort that had a lot to offer.  I think the Rosewood has it all -- beautiful accommodations, our own pool, and fabulous food.

Other recommendations:

Esperanza Resort 
Viceroy Anguilla 
Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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