Sunday, September 30, 2012

Working 9 to 5...

Dolly Parton lies.  There's no such thing as working 9 to 5.  Or so I am learning now that I have entered "big girl" world.  Really, I am just trying to find an excuse for my lack of blogging.  

I've got a few things to post, but for tonight I will leave you a list of what our house has been up to:

1 - Work, work, and more work 
2 - A surprise trip to the Queen City for Lauren's birthday
3 - We've booked a trip to Iowa to visit my law school friends in mid-October
4 - I've plotted our elopement (kidding Mom)
5 - We've met new friends here in the country - yay!
6 - We taught Whiskey to sit and retrive 
7 - We registered for wedding presents 
8 - And we have done a little more working...

Have a great week my loves!  xoxo


1 comment:

  1. ah, sorry life's been so full of work but it sounds like fun is around the corner with your iowa trip! i've never been to iowa. would like to go!
    and yay for registering wedding presents! that was something me and my husband never got around to doing! we ended up with a lot of target gift cards which we did NOT complain about, though!