Monday, May 14, 2012


I have graduated law school.  No really, I have finished.  I still don't believe it.  They haven't sent us our official diplomas so they could make me do it all over again.  Yesterday, was undoubtedly one of the best days of my little life.  I was so proud and happy to have Zack and all of my family cheering me on at graduation.  

Plus, it was Mother's Day.  If you know my mom, you know she may be one of the sweetest things to ever land on planet Earth.  She has been and will always be my cheerleader.  She devotes 100% to her children and her husband.  Mom, I love you!

Since my words can't do it justice, here is graduation in pictures:

A little party to start the weekend.

Now Graduation:

My name in the bulletin.  Woot, Woot.

Well, I can now sign off as:

Rachel N. Stroup, J.D.

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