Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Vision (or lack thereof)

What do I foresee my wedding looking like?

Well, that's the question I have been asking myself since December 25, 2010.  Yes, the day we got engaged (over a year ago).  Like all newly engaged girls, I immediately started doing my research on venues to flowers.  I thought that I would just know my "color scheme" or the feel that I was hoping to incapsulate at our wedding.  That was a massive fail.  Sigh.

Here's what I have managed to come up with so far:


Okay, a little more than nothing.  I know I want a modern soiree with clean lines and touches of gray and white.  As for a theme or pop of color?  I've got nothing.  I had a hot second of wanting to do gray and yellow.  Then, all of the western hemisphere decided to do that scheme.  So, here we vision, no hope for a vision, and, well, just plain stuck!

Because my rambling can only go on so long, here are some pins that I have managed to pin to my wedding board on pinterest.  Even that is agonizing, as I am indecisive about my pins.

  Laney (or Bug as Zack and I like to call her) would look adorbs in that flower girl dress.  

Take pity on me...I fail as a wedding planner.


  1. aww don't worry, most brides are in the same boat! let me know if you need help! :)

  2. Girlfriend, I change my mind all the time! It's quite frankly, super annoying!!! I can say NO a thousand times over, but having to say YES to anything is frightening!! I hate it!!!! I'm looking at invites and think I like something and then decide I don't like a couple weeks later. I literally want to scream. But I also don't think I could trust anyone else to do it for me! Isn't that completely crazy??? I'd just start with your venue and then work up on what YOU like and seems to fit you and Zack. Use your dress as inspiration, your date as inspiration, etc.

    Check out my pinterest. I'm getting married in November and I'm with you on the modern clean lines thing. I totally am digging that too. A little white, perhaps and little black and white and I'm wanting a pop of orange because it's fall afterall! And of course orange has always been my favorite color, it just so happens to be "the color of the year". Just when I wanted to be a little original society beats me to it. Oh well..

  3. I changed so many times. I thought I wanted bold and royal looking with purples then I through blue and yellow then I finally settled on cream, blush and silver. What finally helped me narrow down is I went to Home Depot and picked a million paint swatches in colors I liked and then started looking at them together and narrowed it down to about 5 and then had andrew help pick the final colors. It was really easy visualizing it that way!