Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Zack and I decided (after much deliberation) that we would spend this Christmas together. Why the deliberation? Our families reside 4 hours apart and it would be the first Christmas where one of us would not wake up in our childhood home.  We love our families and wish we could all be in one place (maybe one day)!

Big boy and big girl decisions are no fun!

So, we decided to alternate years spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in one home and Christmas night in the other.  This puts us on the road on Christmas day, but it is worth it!

This year Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning were spent in my parent's home (right outside of Charlotte, North Carolina).  All of us girls and our spouses were in attendance!  We had such a wonderful time and my parents were so grateful to my soon-to-be in-laws for sharing their handsome sons (yes, I said I sons...my sister is married to Zack's brother, Seth).   

We also had an amazing breakfast Christmas morning.  Zack and my mom cooked country ham, sausage, biscuits, danishes (both orange and cinnamon), grits, eggs, and etc!

Here are my sweeties in action:

Santa was also very good to me this year!  My favorite prizes from Christmas 2011 include:

Tory Burch Riding Boots (from Zack)

iPad (also, from Zack)
JCrew Peacoat (from my parents)
Michael Kors purse (from Zack's parents and my second parents)

After all the gifts were unwrapped, we hit the road to Beulaville a.k.a. God's Country so that we could spend the rest of the day with my Sholar family.  While it is a four hour drive, it gave Zack and I time to reflect on the year, future plans, and what exactly Christmas is about! 

We had a great time with the Sholar's Christmas night.   We ate some ribs, enjoyed some good music out by the fire, and shared lots of love!

When it was time to shut my eyes Christmas night, my only thoughts went to how blessed of a life I have been allowed to lead in these short 23 years -- I have the best family (Stroup's and Sholar's), friends, and future hubby!  I will be forever grateful for the memories I have made thus far!

I hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas!  On to the New Year...

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